Hotel Staff Jobs In Qatar

Hotel Staff

Urgent need for hotel staff in Qatar

Job Vacancy positions: 50

Duty Timing: 8 hour

Salary Package: 2000 QAR

Job Description for Hotel Staff:

In hotel operations, the duties assigned to the hotel staff hold a position of paramount importance. Beyond mere tasks, their role encompasses the meticulous orchestration of an environment that caters seamlessly to the needs of patrons, fostering a welcoming and inviting ambiance. These dedicated individuals play a pivotal role not only in ensuring the smooth flow of the establishment but also in upholding elevated standards of service excellence. While the specifics of their duties may undergo variations based on the assigned position, the overarching responsibilities include.

Job Responsibilities for Hotel staff:

Front Lobby Welcomer:

Extending a warm reception to arriving patrons and facilitating the intricacies of check-in and check-out processes.

Addressing incoming calls and tending to guest inquiries or reservations

Overseeing the fulfillment of guest requests, ensuring their needs are catered to throughout their sojourn.

Dispensing insights into the hotel’s amenities and the allure of local attractions.

Domestic Maintenance Personnel:

Scrubbing and upholding the immaculate state of guest chambers and communal spaces to ensure a sanitary and cozy environment

Refurbishing provisions such as toiletries and towels.

Communicating any issues related to maintenance or safety to the pertinent department.

Contributing to laundry services.

Guides to Luxury:

Assisting patrons in orchestrating transportation, securing reservations for dining, and arranging amusement.

Offering suggestions for local points of interest, dining establishments, and leisure pursuits.

Addressing unique requests from patrons and ensuring their contentment

Sustaining knowledge about the surrounding area and ongoing events

Dining and Bar Artisans:

Recording gastronomic preferences, delivering culinary delights and beverages, and ensuring a positive dining escapade.

Managing reservations and orchestrating seating arrangements.

Handling financial transactions while providing exceptional customer service.

Maintaining tidiness and orderliness in the dining precinct.

Upkeep and Technical Craftsmen:

Executing routine maintenance and repairs to guarantee the operational integrity of the hotel’s infrastructure.

Promptly responding to guest pleas for room renovations.

Engaging in preventive maintenance of equipment and systems.

Ensuring a secure and impervious milieu for both guests and staff.

Festivity and Convocation Maestros:

Arranging and adorning spaces designated for ceremonies, be they weddings, conferences, or other gatherings.

Assisting in catering and attending to guests during events.

Coordinating with event architects and ensuring the seamless execution of functions.

Restoring cleanliness to event locales post-usage.

Job Requirements for Hotel Staff

  • Outstanding proficiency in communication and a commitment to delivering exemplary customer service.
  • Maintaining a professional and amicable demeanor at all times.
  • Exhibiting meticulous attention to detail and the capability to uphold elevated standards of cleanliness and service.
  • Demonstrating adaptability to function effectively in a dynamic, team-centric environment.
  • Relevant experience or specialized training may be a prerequisite depending on the role.
  • The pivotal role played by hotel staff members is instrumental in crafting a positive and unforgettable guest encounter. Their unwavering dedication and service significantly contribute to the overarching success and standing of the hotel.

How to Apply

Company Name: Best Human Resources Consultancy

Address: Rawalpindi

Phone Number: 051-4932231, 0332-9093449, 0313-5554181,

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