How Much Do TikTok Ads Cost in 2024

TikTok Ads Cost

Interested in venturing into the arena of TikTok Ads and questioning about the cost of TikTok ads in 2024? Well, you’ve come to the proper region! 

In this blog, we’ll give you a short pricing manual to help you understand the elements that have an effect on TikTok Ads cost and a way to optimize it. Did we point out we have some professional guidelines and suggestions for you too?  and get geared up to level up your TikTok marketing exercise!

Types of TikTok ads shopping for methods

TikTok gives distinctive approaches to expose commercials, and each way fees a different quantity. Hence, to find out the precise price of every manner, we need to find out approximately all the techniques for buying ads on TikTok.

Advertisers have three options for purchasing TikTok ads: 



Reach and Frequency

Each manner of purchasing ads serves a special motive. It is predicated on what you need to gain along with your TikTok advertisements.

 It’s bendy and simple, suitable for companies of all sizes, whether you want to enhance sales or boom emblem consciousness.

Bidding type

This TikTok commercials buying technique is pretty familiar to advertisers like Facebook commercials or Google classified ads. Some unique functions of this approach include: 

Easy to put in on TikTok Ads Manager 

You don’t have to buy ad space 

Flexible fee

Maximizing conversion

Booking type 

TikTok provides this reservation approach because there’s a limit to the number of available ad spots.

 If advertisers need to apply these advert codecs, they have to plot in advance and reserve their spot. These commercials can’t run on automated bidding like a few different sorts. This class of advertisements consists of TopView, Branded Effect, and Branded Hashtag Challenge.

Here are some key factors about the reservation technique:

Costs extra in comparison to bidding

Needs to develop reserving and charge via TikTok corporations

Excellent for reinforcing consciousness and branding

Unique advert alternatives are best observed on TikTok

Reach and frequency

Reach and Frequency (R&F) Enables you to control how lots of your supposed customers see your commercials and how regularly those ads seem, all inside a hard and fast budget. 

This advertising and marketing approach is generally paired with different types to make sure a better range of humans see and interact with the ads, in the long run enhancing emblem attention.

TikTok Ads Cost 

For TikTok commercials, the minimum price range required is $500. The expenses begin at $0.50 per thousand views and $0.02 consistent with click-on. Based on our experience with diverse manufacturers, we recommend allocating at the very least $20 in keeping with the day in your preliminary marketing campaign.

What is the rate of TikTok advert-bidding types? 

You can determine the predicted costs for bidding on commercials through 4 bidding techniques which encompass:


The commonplace pricing for classified ads at the TikTok platform is TikTok CPM (Cost in step with Mille). It’s the fee you’re inclined to pay for a thousand impressions. The price for CPM is around $10 in keeping with 1,000 perspectives, with a minimum marketing campaign spending cap of $500. However, the real CPM can range based on factors like ad performance, target market, and geographical area. Some corporations have suggested special CPM numbers, with examples starting from $6.06 to as low as $1.82 consistent with 1,000 views. Compared to Facebook and Google, TikTok commercials have substantially less expensive CPMs, with less than half of the traffic price of Google and 3 instances less than Facebook.


TikTok CPC (Cost Per Click) refers back to the common pricing for each click on TikTok Ads. According to diverse sources, the common CPC for TikTok Ads is around $1. However, the actual CPC can vary depending on the audience, geographical place, and specific advert campaigns. For example, JungleTopp reviews a CPC fee of $0.19. Other companies have achieved even decreased CPC values, together with a skin care emblem with $0.32 according to click on, and online rings keep with $0.Thirteen in line with click on, and a splendor emblem with as low as £0.04 in keeping with click on. This low price consistent with clicks makes TikTok commercials appealing to organizations across numerous industries

How a good deal does TikTok ad-booking types value? 


If a YouTube business spends $10,000 to $30,000 to attain one hundred,000 site visitors, on TikTok, you could designate the maximum CPV bid for a 6-second or 2-second video view.

Basically, this bidding kind will best rate you if there are viewers looking at your video. With this ad-bidding type, you’ve got the power to select your desired fee in keeping with the view on TikTok. TikTok recommends you bid from $0.01 or better to maximize your marketing campaign performance.

Top View 

 Top View Ads are a type of video advertisement that appears immediately when a user opens the app. It’s the most sophisticated advert layout on TikTok, occupying the entire display for a full day. This draws a massive range of perspectives, resulting in robust engagement and stepping forward emblem popularity. Advertisers need to spend $65,000 to get 7.4 million views through Top View Ads each day.

Branded Effect 

Branded Effect uses stickers, filters, and motion effects to highlight products, promotions, and brand identities. People can create their own content on TikTok by using special symbols and effects in the video filters. If you want to use Branded Effects for marketing, it will cost around $45,000 for a month.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

A Branded Hashtag Challenge is like a fun ad where a brand makes up a special hashtag and invites people to use it when they share a video about a certain topic. This lets advertisers come up with their own cool dance or funny challenges using that hashtag.

They invite users to create their versions over six days.

As predicted, this is one of TikTok’s more pricey marketing codecs. However, sponsors receive various benefits such as having official music for the hashtag and specific content protections to prevent videos from being restricted because of the challenge. The price of reserving a Branded Hashtag Challenge levels from approximately $130,000 to $160,000.

How a lot does Reach Reach & Frequency cost?

Advertisers can manage the range of individuals who see their advertisements and how frequently the commercials seem, fascinated about a fixed rate. Once the machine gathers details about the target audience, intention, and price range, it’s going to offer an estimate for two main things: the range of advert perspectives and how typically the commercials display, all at a mean cost for every 1,000 perspectives (CPM).

Factors affect TikTok Ads Cost and a way to optimize

TikTok Ads creative

The exceptional of your TikTok ads’ creativity significantly affects how much a lot your advert marketing campaign will cost. When your ad is appealing and interesting, it increases the chances of users clicking on it. This, in turn, lowers your costs.

To make the maximum of your ad finances, give attention to generating appealing and appropriate ads that connect properly with the audience you’re aiming for. Make sure your content material sticks out, grabs attention, and efficaciously communicates your message. 

By dedicating time and power to creating engaging TikTok advert creatives, you could beautify the effectiveness of your TikTok Ads whilst dealing with expenses efficaciously.

Approach for Bidding on TikTok Ads

To make sure you’re getting the best value for your TikTok Ads, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate bidding strategy. Here are the alternatives:

Cost Cap: Cost Cap (previously called Bid Cap) offers the system a median cost according to end result that it attempts to achieve. As a result, the fee according to the result on occasion will differ better or decrease than the bid amount. This bidding method is accessible for all advertising goals in TikTok Ads Manager. However, you can apply this bidding approach and the Lowest Cap flexibly by using a recommended bid, especially when focusing on Reach and Video Views.

Lowest Cap: The Lowest Cost bidding strategy aims to get the best results for your ad group budget at the most affordable price per outcome. It ensures you stay within your budget, even in competitive auctions. This strategy is suitable for goals like increasing website visits, expanding reach, boosting video views, getting more app installations, driving conversions, generating leads, and increasing catalog sales. When focusing on goals like Reach and Video Views, it can also be applied flexibly using a recommended bid.

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Professional Tips for TikTok Ads Bidding:

Choose TikTok Ads Cost Cap as your bidding strategy if you want to manage your daily cost per result.

In a Conversion Ad campaign where your main goal is to increase conversions, it’s recommended to select the Lowest TikTok Ads Cost as your bidding strategy for optimizing your daily budget. If you decide to use Cost Cap as your bidding method, make sure to set your bid equal to your target cost per acquisition (CPA).

If you’re running an App Install campaign and want to optimize it based on specific actions taken by your app users, use App Event Optimization (AEO). For AEO, set your bid to match your target CPA. Having access to detailed analytics enables you to understand how effective your ad campaign is, make decisions based on data, and ultimately improve your TikTok Ads for better results while efficiently managing costs.

Target target audience

If you propose a completely precise audience, your advert fee would possibly increase. Moreover, how famous that target market organization is also can influence the price – more aggressive corporations tend to be pricier.


The cost of ads changes based on which your meant target market is positioned. For instance, if you are targeting a country with fewer TikTok users, the advertising costs may be lower. Conversely, if your consciousness is on a rustic in which TikTok is extensively used, ad charges can be higher because of stronger competition.

TikTok Ads analytics

By tracking the analytics continually, you can make timely modifications to your advertisement method and optimize your effects. If your TikTok commercials aren’t changing as predicted, you may talk to the ABCD version to identify and deal with the underlying troubles. 

The analytics offer treasured insights into metrics together with impressions, click-on-through charges, conversions, and engagement, allowing you to understand the effectiveness of your advertisements and make records-pushed decisions to enhance overall performance.

If you’re walking an eCommerce business, it’s encouraged to discover NestAds, as it gives Business Intelligence capabilities that provide in-intensity analytics, no longer simplest at the overall performance of your ads but also at the sales generated through the ads.

It is really worth going for walks on TikTok Ads?

With all of the amazing capacity and value-powerful alternatives that TikTok Ads provide, it’s in reality really worth considering them in your advertising and marketing approach. Creating effective ads on TikTok can be challenging, especially if you are new to the platform.

 But worry no longer! We’ve been given your lower back.

Be positive to test out our comprehensive guide on a way to run TikTok ads in 2024. It’s filled with treasured insights, tips, and hints to help you navigate the TikTok marketing landscape like a seasoned. So, don’t leave out this possibility to tap into the large target audience of TikTok customers and take your commercial enterprise to new heights. Happy advertising and marketing!

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